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Vodafone is UK's largest and the world's second largest telecommunications company. With a market capitalization of about £89 billion and subscribers reaching half a billion, it is the third largest company on the LSE. Having operations in more than 30 countries, and partners in over 40 further countries, Vodafone is a household name across the globe today. Its name is inspired by words 'voice data fone.'

Vodafone’s first name was Racal Vodafone, a company which was owned by Racal Electronics, Millicom and Hambros Technology Trust. Having been launched on the 1st January1985, the collaboration between the three companies remained just shy of 2 years, coming to an end on 29th December ’86, when Racal Electronics bought out the part of the other shareholders. The main turn came when Racal Electronics demerged from Racal telecom, and as a result, Vodafone Group came into existence. There was no looking back after this, as the Vodafone Group made its way to becoming a major force in the technological world.

The growth strategy comprised of taking over different companies, which included Talkland, Peoples Phone and Astec Communication. Not only was Vodafone taking over companies but also bringing them under one umbrella and rebranding them into the Vodafone family. The first company to witness this fate was the US-based AirTouch Communications, Inc., which was rebranded as Vodafone AirTouch plc. After its merger with Bell Atlantic Corp, Vodafone furthered its feet in the U.S market. It was this merger that created what we know now as Verizon Wireless.

Having taken over a bunch of different firms, Vodafone was waiting for the ultimate coup that would write its name in the pages of history, and it came when it took over Mannesman AG, which was at that time the largest mobile network in Germany. The merger was motivated by Mannesman’s takeover of Orange, which made the German network a direct competitor of Vodafone. The rest, as they say, is history. After many failed attempts, Vodafone bought Mannesman AG for a price of £112 billion. Looking back, it was the biggest corporate merger to date. However, it could not be sustained and crashed right into the ground. In 2000, Vodafone turned towards to its former name – Vodafone Group plc. Most recently, Vodafone completed its biggest deal to date, eclipsing its takeover of Mannesman. This deal involved selling 45% of its shares in Verizon Wireless, to Verizon Communications. The deal was estimated to be worth around £130 billion.

With Vodafone comes variety. Whether you need a phone contract, SIM-only contract, or Pay As You Go plan, Vodafone has everything you need. Its phone contracts tend to cost more than the SIM-only contracts, since a contribution towards the cost of the phone has to be made. In addition, the cost of the plan is also dependent on the duration of the contract and the type of phone selected. Its SIM-only plans are available for 1, 3 and 9 month durations. These plans are divided into standard phone plans, smartphone plans, and BlackBerry plans. The concentration of these plans and what they offer becomes evident from their names. Alongside amazing contract options, it also ensures that the PAYG plans are not left unattended either, offering 5 variations, depending on the costumers’ preference.

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