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T-Mobile is a UK-based mobile network and broadband operator. It is owned by UK’s largest mobile network, Everything Everywhere (EE).

After Mercury Communications formed a new GSM network company in 1993, the world witnessed the formation of the first mobile network company to offer GSM 1800 services. The company was called Mercury One2One, which was later changed to One2One. However, even this name did not last a long time, as soon it was taken over by Deutsche Telekom in 1999, which then renamed One2One as T-Mobile, in 2002.

In April 2010, France Télécom, who owned Orange, and Deutsche Telekom, who owned T-Mobile, decided to merge. This meant that Orange UK and T-Mobile UK would no longer exist after 18 months. However, soon the decision was reversed and it was decided that despite the merger, T-Mobile and Orange stores would remain in the UK for the time being, while the newly formed company would now be called EE. In September 2012, the decision to rebrand Orange and T-Mobile under the EE umbrella was finally made, with the date set to be 30 October 2012. This date held special significance to EE, as it was also the day when the UK was about to see its biggest mobile network introduce its 4G network.

T-Mobile’s monthly plans have broad classes – Standard Monthly, SIM-only and You Fix. The Standard plan could be of either 18 months or 24 months. Standard Monthly packages are well balanced plans, with the most premium of the category offering unlimited internet, texts and calls on T-Mobile contracts. However, such plans tend to be relatively costly and thus out of range for some. A more affordable alternative to Standard Monthly is SIM-only contract, which tend to be cheaper due to the absence of a contribution towards the cost of a phone. The third plan, You Fix, combines different aspects of a monthly plan and a Pay As You Go plan, into making a single plan. This means that after your monthly allowance runs out, an option of top-up still remains.

The Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans comprise of 4 primary choices – Talk Plan, Text Plan, International Plan and BlackBerry Plan. These 4 differ from one another based on their respective concentration, which by their names become quite evident. However, having a Talk Plan does not mean that customers do not get any texts, but only that the primary concentration of the plan is on the number of minutes it offers.

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