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From producing TV’s to different MP3 players, the Japanese conglomerate has its feet in just about everything. However, when it comes to its endeavors in the mobile phone industry, its name is associated with the Swedish technological giants, Ericsson. This is due to the fact that while Sony operates on its own today, most of its time in the industry has been spent in collaboration with Ericsson. This collaboration was what we knew as Sony Ericsson. Sony started producing the mobile phones under its sole name quite recently. This means that if there is a discussion on Sony, one cannot just leave out its famous venture with Ericsson. This also means that quite possibly, the Xperia series is brought to us by the same people who brought us the all-famous Cyber-shot and WalkMan Series. The start of the Japanese manufacturer’s famous Xperia series was with the Xperia X1, which was first Android-powered Xperia phone, and surprisingly came under the Sony Ericsson banner. Similar was the case with the Xperia X10. It was only until the launch of Xperia S that we saw Sony brand its Xperia series under its sole name.

After Sony had made the decision of going alone in the mobile phone industry, it brought Ericsson’s share in the venture and thus, parted ways. However, this break-up came with a new sense of motivation for the Japanese conglomerate, which then directed its utmost attention in producing world-class mobile phones. The efforts were evident and as the proof of this can be seen by Sony’s recent acquisition of a cloud service called Gaikai. This acquisition cost Sony about $380 million, and is motivated by its aim of providing flawless cloud gaming.

While Sony strived hard to introduce a game changer, it was not able to do so. However, the breakthrough finally came when it came up with the Xperia Z. Having been introduced in early 2013, the phone was better than what most expected. At the very first sight, the breathtaking glass-fiber polyamide body takes one’s breath away. However, it is not just the sleek and stylish look of the phone, which has caused CNET to call it Sony’s best smartphone to date, and one of the best smartphones around. It comes powered with a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 13.1 MP camera, and 2GB RAM, and thus, there is no doubt as to what brought success its way. In addition, Sony markets the phone as the first waterproof smartphone, which is able to survive under 1 meter, for over half an hour. Ever since it stepped foot in the mobile phone market without the collaboration with Ericsson, Sony has upped its efforts and is trying ever-so-hard to make its mark. Its first major breakthrough was the Xperia Z, which is now overtaken by the latest Xperia Z Ultra, which the Japanese manufacturer is marketing as ‘the world’s slimmest full HD smartphone.” With a 6.44-inch screen and 2.2 MHz quad-core processor, it has given its competition a run for their money, with many claiming it to be the phone that really threatens the Note series as the kingpin of the phablet category.

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