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While the history of its competition dates back several decades, Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is a relatively new player in both, the electronics and mobile phone industry. Formed in 1997 with the sole aim of producing personal computers, HTC has come a long way into specializing in different areas. Today, it stands out as one of the leading smartphone manufacturers, producing breathtaking phones like the HTC One. Not only is HTC a fast learner, but can also be credited for coming up with some of the world’s earliest touch-screen phones. Thus, it has a contribution in promoting the smartphone era.

While HTC has been in the mobile phone business for quite some time now, it was quite unheard of a few years back. In fact, it has been producing smartphones for over a decade now, and before the trend was set by the iPhone series. In the past years, HTC has produced several different mobile phones, for several different companies, which include Fujitsu-Siemens, i-mate, and Sharp. However, for obvious reasons, doing so accompanies little or no limelight and thus, little fame came HTC’s way.

WThe turning point for HTC was when Microsoft cherry-picked it to produce the first Android-running phone. This became HTC’s ticket to the global recognition it had long yearned for. As a result, we saw HTC produce the first Nexus smartphone. At that time, the stars of HTC seemed to be on the rise and it seemed to be on the right track. However, it did not go as planned for the Taiwanese manufacturer, as it got lost in obscurity and companies like Apple and Samsung took over. This came as a result of a combination of poor marketing and pricing, and phones that were just plain mediocre. This translated into abysmal numbers and thus, HTC struggled to finds its feet.

After it was fairly lost and almost forgotten about, HTC made amends, instead of giving up. It learned from its past mistakes and ensured that it got its act in order. The result? What the world received in result of these changes were much better, more advanced and innovative phones from the Taiwanese manufacturer. These phones may not have been major groundbreakers but improvements on the previous introductions, and a promise of better things to come. They included HTC Desire, Butterfly, One X, and the most recent stroke of genius, HTC One. This revolution in HTC approach to the business brought many accolades towards HTC’s direction, which includes the title of ‘Device Manufacturer of the Year’ for the year 2011, by GSM Association. Seemingly on the right track, HTC became the 3rd largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, by April 2011 and by the end of the year, it became the largest smartphone vendor in the U.S, acquiring 24% of the market share, compared to Samsung’s 21%.

HTC has endeavored into improving overtime, and has made major efforts into ensuring it is taken seriously. With its latest phone, the One, HTC has finally come up with a phone that stands neck-to-neck with the very best of the industry, and is spoken of in the same breath as the iPhone series. The company has had its fair share of ups and downs but it is doing something extremely right, which can be seen by the fact that it is still producing the majority of Windows Phone 7.

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