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O2 is a telecommunications, financial, and internet services provider in the UK. Owned by Telefónica S.A, the company’s official name is Telefónica UK Limited. However, its trading name is O2, which is what it is widely known by. It is UK’s second largest mobile network, second only to EE.

Following the roots of O2, we go all the way back to 1985, when British Telecommunications and Securicor came together to form a cellular service company, Cellnet. In 1991, about 40% shares of the company was bought by BT, with the price being in excess of £3 billion. The company was subsequently renamed as BT Cellnet, and thus, became a part of BT Wireless. On 18th June 2002, BT Cellnet was renamed as O2. By the end of 2005, O2 went through another takeover, with the predator being the Spanish Telecommunication company, Telefónica. However, the hierarchy of O2 did not see any major alterations and staff was retained.

Pre-July 2009, O2 was limited to the technological sector. However, after the launch of O2 Money in July 2009, O2 put its first step in the financial services sector. With the primary aim of expanding to further heights, O2 struck a deal with a Vodafone, according to which both the companies would pool together resources, and use each other’s technological expertise and know-how. If statistics mean anything, O2’s expansion can be seen by the fact that its coverage reaches about 99% of the UK population.

O2’s contracts involve both, with and without phone contracts. O2 brands its sim-only contracts as ‘O2 Simplicity’ contracts. These generally tend to be more affordable than the phone contracts, due to the obvious absence of a phone. Users can choose from 1 and 12 month rolling contracts. On the other hand, phone contracts are offered for 12, 18 and 24 month periods. Users do not just have the autonomy to choose the type of contract, but also how heavy the contract is to be. This means that there are different data allowances users can choose from – low, medium and high.

O2 calls its Pay As You Go tariffs ‘Pay & Go’. These tariffs allow a range of options for customers to choose from. O2 rewards its customers on every Top-Up made, while also allowing them to pre-determine what reward they prefer. Whether it is internet data they want or international calling minutes, O2’s Pay As You Go tariffs make it all so simple and easy to avail. If this was not enough, a ‘Bolt Ons’ feature makes it possible for users to gain paid access to different services.

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