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3 Mobile

3 Mobile is a brand owned by Hutchison Whampoa, which many mobile networks and internet service providers operate. It has operations all over the world, rather than being limited to the UK. Coming to life in a unique fashion, 3 Mobile appeared on the map on 3rd March 2003 (03-03-03). A month after its launch, 3 Mobile was up and running, already selling its mobile phones. 3 Mobile was the first network to introduce 3rd Generation technology in the UK.

3 Mobile is famous for maintaining a contract with other 2G networks in the UK, a responsibility it took over from O2 in 2006. Upon its launch, 3 Mobile opened its shops on Oxford Street and High Street Kensington. However, growth came fast as only a few years later, customers could find 3 Mobile stores all over the UK. Today, 3 Mobile owns hundreds of stores across the UK, which includes high-street outlets, shopping malls, and what not.

There are 3 types of 3 Mobile’s phone – The One Plan, Essential Internet plan, and Unlimited Internet plan. While they differ in other details, the emphasis these contracts have on internet data is quite evident. For instance, while both Essential and Unlimited plans have texts, minutes and internet data, Essential holds more of texts and minutes, while the Unlimited package has an unlimited supply of internet data. The third plan, dubbed as ‘The One Plan,’ is a more balanced approach to the former 2 plans, but even this plan involves an unlimited internet data access. 3 Mobile’s SIM-only contracts have the same plans, but for obvious reasons, they tend to cost lesser than their phone-including alternatives.

3 Mobile offers only one Pay As You Go tariff. While this may strike to many as a lack of options, there is certainly no lack of what it offers. After every top-up, an automatic mobile data allowance is given to customers. In addition, further Add-ons feature lets the customers to personalize their plans.

Whether it is a PAYG tariff or a phone contract you want, or whether you are still undecided, our website serves as just the platform you need to reach the deal that suits you. Browse through a stockpile of different deals 3 Mobile has to offer, and make sure you have a deal that is in accordance with both, your budget and needs.